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Call for Papers: Special issue of Apocalyptica

CfP: Radical Vitality/Axé

Special issue of Apocalyptica in collaboration with the Caribbean Institute for Decolonial Thought and Research (INCAPID/GLEFAS)

Editors: Yuderkys Espinosa-Miñoso and Ashanti Dinah Orozco Herrera

„... we want to open a space for exploring and approaching the principles of life as well as the epistemologies and spiritualities that govern the many worlds organized by the descendants of Africa and extra-European native peoples in Abya Yala, in Europe, and in the World, which, in different ways, navigate and resist the ontological matrix produced by European modernity.“

Proposals will be accepted in Spanish, Portuguese, and English / Se aceptarán propuestas en castellano, portugués e inglés (véase más abajo) / Serão aceitas propostas em espanhol, português e inglês (ver em baixo)