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In the winter semester 2023|24, we continue the Apocalyptic Cinema film series in cooperation with the Karlstorkino. This semester we have a few surprises in store for you. In November, we are working together with the 72. IFFMH - International Film Festival Mannheim-Heidelberg under the motto CAPAS presents: Apocalyptic Imaginaries. With FAMILY PORTRAIT we are showing a brand new film with deep apocalyptic meaning at the Gloria and Gloriette Cinema.

We will find out in January how apocalyptic images in harmony with music affect us. At the silent film special with two films from the 1920s, we are very happy to listen to the live music of Gramm Art Project.

With Decolonising Public Engagement, we will be screening the documentary AFRICAN APOCALYPSE, a brutal, timely indictment of colonialism. The film adaptation of Joseph Conrad's classic of world literature HEART OF DARKNESS rounds off the film evening.

Each film evening will be accompanied by a scientific commentary or a panel discussion on the film, in which researchers and/or filmmakers will talk about the end-time image of the respective film in German or English. Afterwards, we invite the audience to a discussion in German and English.

Please check the cinema's website for prices and conditions and book your tickets there. The entrance fee for each film is 3€, despite the event with the IFFMH at the Gloria and Gloriette Cinema on 22.11. 

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11.10., 7 pm, MELANCHOLIA (2011), Lars von Trier

Scientific commentary: Robert Folger (CAPAS Director)
Discussant: Alexander Pawlak (Editor and scientific journalist Physik Journal, Programme council Karlstorkino)

22.11., 08:45 pm, FAMILY PORTRAIT (2023), Lucy Kerr 

Different Location: Gloria and Gloriette Kino, Hauptstraße 146, 69117 Heidelberg

Film discussion with Lucy Kerr (film director) and Robert Folger (CAPAS director) after the screening.

CAPAS presents: Apocalyptic Imaginaries in cooperation with 72. IFFMH - International Film Festival Mannheim-Heidelberg (16.-26.11.2023)

17.01. Silent Movie Special with Live Music by Gramm Art Project

6 pm, THE END OF THE WORLD (1916), August Blom

8 pm, THE PLAGUE IN FLORENCE (1919), Otto Rippert

Scientific commentary: Thomas Christensen (Head of Preservation, Danish Film Institute), Thomas Meier (CAPAS Director)

07.02. Double Feature: Decolonizing Public Engagement

6 pm, AFRICAN APOCALYPSE (2020), Rob Lemkin

8 pm, HEART OF DARKNESS (1993), Nicolas Roeg

Scientific commentary: Rob Lemkin (film director), N.N.

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