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CAPAS is a Centre for Advanced Studies and offers up to 10 scholarships for a maximum period of twelve (12) months per academic year. Respectively, the calls for fellowship applications will be publicly advertised once a year on our website. International scholars and scientist from a variety of academic fields in the humanities and sciences are encouraged to apply, if they hold the rank of Assistant Professor or equivalent. The remuneration and length of a fellowship appointment will be agreed upon by CAPAS and each individual fellow. 

All research activities at CAPAS have been planned to be carried out in-person, and our academic format requires that all fellows reside in Heidelberg during the time of their fellowship appointment. Thus, our fellows are expected to relocate to Germany and work at our facilities. One of our centre’s main objectives is to provide a platform where fellows and the academic community engage in permanent dialogue through weekly academic activities, as well as through the centre's social life. Our aim is to facilitate fellows' research and assist them with all the necessary tools during their time at CAPAS. 

We want to ensure the safety and well-being of our CAPAS community, thus all the COVID-19 related regulations will be enforced and taken into account when planning our fellows' arrivals and daily activities at CAPAS. Due to the current pandemic situation, delays in the visa application process and/or travel restrictions might occur depending on where fellows are traveling from. In these cases, a further evaluation and negotiation of the starting date is possible. 

Application Process 

Details on the application process will be updated and announced on our website every year, according to the corresponding thematic and regional foci. Research proposals should therefore relate to each academic year’s foci, and/or highlight its contribution to the centre’s theoretical or methodological framework. 

According to the regulations of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research in Germany, the Academic Advisory Board of the Käte Hamburger Centre will select fellows on the basis of the academic achievements of the applicants, as well as the originality and relevance of their research project. The application package includes a cover letter, a curriculum vitae, a list of publications, and the proposal for a research project mentioned above. Note that all application documents must be submitted in English, since it is the working language at the centre. Deadline for applications is every year in September, and they should be submitted in a single-PDF file to the following email address:

The CAPAS Fellowship

According to the regulations for the Käte Hamburger programme by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, the minimum duration of a Fellowship is four (4) months and it may not exceed twelve (12) months. There are only two options for our fellows to be awarded with their CAPAS Fellowships:

  1. The first option is to award the fellowship in the form of a stipend: Fellows can opt for the stipend as long as they take an unpaid leave from their home institution and do not receive any additional compensation during their time at CAPAS. Our fellows provide us with information about their current salary, as well as information about the family members who accompany them in Heidelberg for the entire time of their research stay. Each stipend is calculated individually, based on the fellow’s previous salary and expenses related to the fellow's stay in Heidelberg, according to the university's criteria for fellowship compensation, and is capped by regulations of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.  
  2. The second option is for CAPAS to cover the costs of a teaching replacement at the fellow’s home institution. In this case, the fellows keep their current salary and contract benefits. With a teaching replacement, fellows will not receive any remuneration from CAPAS and should cover their own living expenses in Heidelberg. 

In either case, the budget for a stipend or for a teaching replacement will be paid in monthly instalments, which must not exceed 8.425 EUR per month. Additional expenses such as visa application fees, travel from the airport to Heidelberg, fees at the Foreign Registration Office, as well as the first month of rent (including deposit), etc. (when applicable), have to be covered by the fellow. 

Academic Life at the Centre 

Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesday are important days of our regular weekly schedule; our Colloquia, Tea Time, Lecture Series, and Fellow Meetings have been scheduled on those days. The Lecture Series gives our fellows the opportunity to present their projects to a larger audience. An inhouse workshop takes place once during the university semester (Winter Semester: October-February, Summer Semester: April-July), and at least one conference has been planned per year. The rest of the time has been assigned for fellows to work on their own projects. 

Fellows are provided with a work place with all the necessary accommodations for their work (e.g. computers, printers, access to university libraries, etc.). All of our academic activities and meetings are conducted in English. To a limited degree, the centre can arrange for translation of presentations when necessary. 

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