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CAPAS offers two newsletter mailing lists: the regular Apocalypse Weekly as well as the Apocalypse Quarterly Newsletter. If you have feedback on the newsletters or suggestions for future topics, please let us know with an email at:

Apocalypse Weekly

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The weekly newsletter contains regular announcements for CAPAS talks, events, publications and calls for participation as well as information on other relevant publications, events and calls from the field. Of course, also the quarterly newsletter will be sent to this list – if you subscribe to the Apocalypse weekly mailing list, you do not need to subscribe to the Apocalypse Quarterly list in parallel.

You can subscribe to the weekly newsletter through this link.


Apocalypse Quarterly

The quarterly newsletter will successively introduce CAPAS, the team, and the fellows, inform you about our activities and events and provide insights into different scientific perspectives on apocalypses, publications, and popular culture depictions of apocalypses. In addition to the four newsletter mailings per year, only very few selected major announcements (e.g. for our annual CAPAS conference or our annual Distinguished Lecture) without the weekly updates are sent through this mailing list.

You can subscribe to the quarterly newsletter through this link.

The archive of the Apocalypse Quarterly can be found below:

Newsletter 1/22

Titel CAPAS Newsletter 1-22


Newsletter articles in full length:


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Newsletter No.2 – 2021

CAPAS Newsletter 2


Newsletter articles in full length:


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Newsletter No.1 – 2021

Capas Newsletter No.1 350


Newsletter articles in full length:


Download Newsletter No.1 – 2021 (PDF)


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