Publication: Ruins of a Post-Apocalyptic Present

The article Ruins of a Post-Apocalyptic Present by Thomas Meier has been published in the Open Access anthology Ruinen und vergessene Orte. Materialität im Verfall – Nachnutzungen – Umdeutungen (Ruins and Forgotten Places. Materiality in Decay - Reuses - Reinterpretations). The article is based on a preliminary version that Thomas Meier presented in the summer of 2021 as part of the CAPAS Lecture Series.


Ruinen und vergessene Orte

Materialität im Verfall – Nachnutzungen – Umdeutungen

(Ruins and Forgotten Places. Materiality in Decay - Reuses - Reinterpretations)

Joachim Otto Habeck / Frank Schmitz (Eds.)

„Ruins and lost places are equally symbols of transience as well as signs of acts of destruction. Their contemplation triggers divergent emotions. What becomes of these places? Who decides about them? And how and for what reasons do ruins become the subject of media or artistic debate? The contributors to this volume address these questions by understanding ruins as abandoned and decaying architectures or urban landscapes: From the 'picturesque' remains of ancient buildings to disused industrial or military sites and abandoned residential buildings to 'new' investment ruins.“

Buchtitel Ruinen und vergessene Orte