Art Installation and Live Performance

Post-Apocalyptic Art Installation and Live Performance by Mexican Artist Rojo Córdova
Sabrosos Gritos Rojos desde Terrorchitlán

Entry 7:30pm
Open-Air (if weather permits)
Villa Nachttanz, Im Klingenbühl 6, Heidelberg

Tickets: https://tickets.villanachttanz.de/garten21/2597597/

Admission: 3€ 
3G proof required (tested, recovered, vaccinated)

Mann auf Bühne

Poetry from the post-apocalypse. Together with Villa Nachttanz, CAPAS invites you to an evening full of Latin American poetry, interactive performance, and visual elements. Rojo Córdova, the guest of honour, is a Mexican artist who will fill the evening with Spanish, English and German post-apocalyptic virtual realities, live improvisation, and a poetry slam; ending with a fiesta focused around Latin American rhythms. The performance picks up on the 500th anniversary of Spanish colonisation and the associated resistance movement of the indigenous population.
The event begins at 8 pm and will take place in the garden of Villa Nachttanz, Im Klingenbühl 6, Heidelberg (weather permitting). 

Rojo Córdova is a poet, writer, producer, performer and one of the eminent representative of poetry slam and spoken word in Mexico. His works range from poems in audio-visual form to sound installations, interactive art, and explorations of interdisciplinary poetry in relation to hip hop.