Apocalyptic Cinema 2022

Open-Air Cinema at the Mathematikon

This summer CAPAS invites you together with the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science to an open-air cinema with films on the apocalypse and post-apocalypse. Admission is free - enjoy a film evening and if you like an informal discussion about the film with the other guests and scientists after the screening. 

Each film evening begins with a short, scientific commentary followed by an audience discussion on the respective film. A special highlight is the opening of this year's cinema series by a discussion with Niles Atallah, director of the film REY.

The Open-Air Cinema 2022 is the continuation of a series that started at the Mathematikon in summer 2021 and continued at the Karlstorkino in winter 2021/22.

Volcano with popcorn


Fridays 9.15 pm (admission 8.45 pm) 

🎬  24.06.: Rey – Niles Atallah, 2017 (OV, Spanish & Mapudungun with English subtitles) (Internet Movie Database)
Scientific commentary: Niles Atallah (Director) & Robert Folger (CAPAS)
The film evening is part of the public lecture series „The (Re-) Invention of Latin America“.

🎬  01.07.: Soylent Green – Richard Fleischer, 1973, PG: 16 (OV, English with German subtitles) (Internet Movie Database)
Scientific commentary: Maya Dietrich (Medienforum Heidelberg e.V.) & Philipp Schrögel (CAPAS)

🎬  08.07.: I Am Mother – Grant Sputore, 2019, PG: 12 (OV, English with German subtitles) (Internet Movie Database)
Scientific commentary: Ullrich Köthe, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, University Heidelberg 

🎬  29.07.: Die Wolke – Gregor Schnitzler, 2006, PG: 12 (OV, deutsch mit englischen Untertiteln) (Internet Movie Database)
Scientific commentary: Frank Uekötter, CAPAS Fellow, University of Birmingham


At the Atrium of the Mathematikon, Neuenheimer Feld 205, 69120 Heidelberg


Free admission. Limited seat capacity. No on-site hospitality. Bringing your own drinks and food is allowed.