Fellowship ManagementLAURA MENDOZA


Universität Heidelberg

Käte Hamburger Centre for Apocalyptic
and Post-Apocalyptic Studies | CAPAS

Berliner Straße 43
69120 Heidelberg

Tel.: +49 6221 54-15904
Email: laura.mendoza@capas.uni-heidelberg.de


Laura Mendoza works as Fellowship Manager at CAPAS; she is responsible for the regularly invited internationally acclaimed fellows during their research stay at the Centre. Laura completed her teaching degree (B.Ed.) at Universidad Pedagógica Nacional in Bogotá, Colombia in 2010. Her academic achievements and teaching experience qualified her for a scholarship to study a Master’s of Education in the United States, where she not only had the opportunity to teach Spanish at college level, but also became familiar with the US-American education system and policy at higher-education institutions, while working as a graduate assistant at the Education Department at Carthage College.

Following her vocational path, Laura continued teaching at a bilingual public school in the Kenosha Unified school district of Wisconsin, which led to her interest in child language acquisition, second language phonology acquisition, and speech-language pathology. After discovering her passion for both linguistics and teaching she was able to further research on these topics at the English Department of Heidelberg University where she graduated with a first-class master’s degree in English Studies (class of 2019). Having worked and studied in Colombia, the USA, and Germany, Laura has become familiarized with research as well as academic and administrative environments, in both intercultural and transnational settings, where she feels most inspired.