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First Issue of Apocalyptica published

The first issue of our open-access journal Apocalyptica is here and we are thrilled about the great number of intriguing and original contributions. In our initial call, we asked, what does it mean (and what has it meant) to live through the end of the world or ‘in the end times’, sparking engagements that champion the imaginative and (potentially) transformative force of (post)apocalyptic thinking. The approaches of our authors differ in their understanding of apocalypse and its potentials for unmaking and remaking the world, but they are notably united in proposing the end as a resourceful lens for political and cultural debate. With this first issue we hope to set the tone for a far-reaching encounter with apocalypse as a multifaceted intellectual project.




Convocatoria: Conferencia anual de CAPAS Heidelberg en cooperación con la Universidad de Chile, 27.03.2023-30.03.2023 en Santiago de Chile  

Rupturas: Enfoques desde/sobre América Latina

La conferencia busca abordar la "ruptura", como un modo de concebir las formas radicales de discontinuidad y sus potencialidades. Al abordar el cambio sistémico real e imaginario en el contexto de desafíos sociales, políticos y ecológicos apremiantes, buscamos contribuciones que investiguen la inmensa diversidad de rupturas en el tiempo y el espacio para evaluar y actuar sobre los efectos transformadores radicales que provocan. 

Propuestas de max. 300 palabras pueden ser enviadas a La fecha límite será el 30 de septiembre de 2022. 



The Käte Hamburger Center for Apocalyptic and Post-Apocalyptic Studies (CAPAS) at Heidelberg University focuses on the question of how catastrophes and end-time scenarios affect societies, individuals and environments. The aim is to describe past and present system upheavals and collapses in a differentiated way on the basis of a transdisciplinary research approach and to distinguish between them. The reactions to apocalyptic scenarios as well as future designs for the time after the catastrophe are also to be understood, analysed and questioned against the background of their respective historical and cultural frameworks.


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