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Wednesday 15th February 2023

07:00 PM

„Endzeit“, Carolina Hellsgård (2018)

Wissenschaftlicher Kommentar: Lars Schmeink, Film- und Medienforscher

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Käte Hamburger Centre for Apocalyptic and Post-Apocalyptic Studies


Call for papers: Special issue of Apocalyptica

in collaboration with the Caribbean Institute for Decolonial Thought and Research (INCAPID/GLEFAS): Radical Vitality/Axé (Abstracts are due March 30, 2023; Proposals will be accepted in Spanish, Portuguese, and English

Convocatoria número especial de la revista Apocalyptica

en colaboración con el Instituto Caribeño de Pensamiento e Investigación Descolonial (INCAPID/GLEFAS): Vitalidad/Axé radical (Límite para envío de resúmenes: 30 marzo 2023; Se aceptarán propuestas en castellano, portugués e inglés)

Anúncio edição especial da revista Apocalyptica

em colaboração com o “Instituto Caribeño de Pensamiento e Investigación Descolonial” (INCAPID/GLEFAS): Vitalidade/Axé Radical (Prazo para submissão de resumos: 30 de março de 2023; Serão aceitas propostas em espanhol, português e inglês)



The Käte Hamburger Center for Apocalyptic and Post-Apocalyptic Studies (CAPAS) at Heidelberg University focuses on the question of how catastrophes and end-time scenarios affect societies, individuals and environments. The aim is to describe past and present system upheavals and collapses in a differentiated way on the basis of a transdisciplinary research approach and to distinguish between them. The reactions to apocalyptic scenarios as well as future designs for the time after the catastrophe are also to be understood, analysed and questioned against the background of their respective historical and cultural frameworks.


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