Nuclear colonization in the Pacific and beyond

  • Date in the past
  • Monday, 24. June 2024, 16:00
  • Karlstorkino Heidelberg

    Bombarded with the equivalent of one Hiroshima bomb a day for half a century, Pacific people have long been subjected to man-made cataclysm. Well before climate change became a global concern, nuclear testing brought about untimely death, widespread diseases, forced migration, and irreparable destruction to the shores of Oceania.

    CAPAS is hosting a series of events about nuclear colonization in the Pacific and beyond. We are presenting a panel discussion on Anaïs Maurer’s (CAPAS Fellow 2024, Rutgers University) new book The Ocean on Fire: Pacific Stories from Nuclear Survivors and Climate Activists (Duke UP) and a screening of The Morning You Wake (to the end of the World), which is a 38 minute experimental documentary on the missile alarm in Hawaii in 2018.

    Speakers: Mililani Ganivet (University of East Anglia), Rebecca Hogue (Harvard University), Jessica Hurley (George Mason University, online), Anaïs Maurer (Rutgers University/ CAPAS), Teresa Shewry (UC Santa Barbara, online)
    Moderation: Aanchal Saraf (Dartmouth College)

    The event takes place on Monday, 24 June starting at 4 pm at Karlstorkino Heidelberg. 

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      Karlstorkino Heidelberg

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