• Date in the past
  • Wednesday, 10. July 2024, 19:00
  • Karlstorkino

    Spanish/English OV with subtitles 

    Premiere of the CAPAS in-house documentary. Panel discussion with Robert Folger (CAPAS director, Romance Literature), Adolfo Mantilla Osornio (Anthropology, Academy of Arts Mexico, Curator of the Exhibition ‘Imaginar El Fin de Los Tiempos’), artist Federico Cuatlacuatl and Laura Rabelo Erber (IIAS Universiteit Leiden).


    All Dates of the Event 'Apocalyptic Cinema SUMMER 2024'


    Im Neuenheimer Feld 205, Heidelberg

    Fridays 9.30 pm 
    Entry 9.00 pm
    Free entry. Limited admission.  

    Each summer CAPAS invites you with the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science to the open-air cinema with films about (post-) apocalypses experienced from individual to global levels. Admission is free - enjoy a film evening amid Campus Neuenheimer Feld. Each film evening is accompanied by a short scientific commentary or panel discussion followed by a round of audience questions on the film.

    A special highlight is the collaboration with the 73. IFFMH - International Film Festival Mannheim Heidelberg which shows ROTER HIMMEL on July 12th.

    This summer special films about nuclear colonization in the Pacific will be screened at Karlstorkino on June 24th and June 28th.

    On July 10th CAPAS premieres the in-house documentary IMAGINING END TIMES which portrays Mexican apocalypses through time. It is part of the transdisciplinary collaborative exhibition ‘Imaginar El Fin de Los Tiempos’.